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Modern, Easy Eye Exams for Busy People

Convenient Vision Care Customized to Your Eyes and Your Lifestyle

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A New Standard in Eye Care for Omaha Families

More than just an eye exam, MVS offers all the modern conveniences you need from your eye doctor in 2024:

Next-Day Appointments, No Wait Times

MVS eye exams are on-time and on your schedule, and you can book one from your computer or phone in just 30 seconds

Our "No-Pressure Promise"

We won’t push you to buy glasses or contacts at MVS. In fact, if we don’t have the eyewear you’re looking for, we’ll help you find it elsewhere!

NO Dilation and NO Air Puffs

For patients who qualify, our convenient Digital Eye Exams allow a speedy return to your day with no dilation or startling air puff tests.

Discover ALL Your Options

Glasses, contacts, vision correction surgery – they’re all available at MVS. We empower you to choose the solution that fits your lifestyle

Family Eye Exams

Come one, come all! Our Family Eye Exams mean you *and* your children can be seen in one convenient appointment.

No Hidden Fees

Nobody wants to be nickel-and-dimed on their vision care. Our transparent and inclusive pricing means no surprises for you.

Eye Exams

(The Most Thorough of Your Life)

Your eyes are your most precious sense, and every person’s eyes are as unique as their fingerprints.

So why settle for a normal, run-of-the-mill eye exam when you actually need something much more in-depth? Our VisionTrack EyeAnalysis exam is the most thorough eye exam available in Omaha. Why is that important? So we can determine exactly what you need to see clearly now and in the future.

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Designer Frames and Lenses

When it comes to choosing your frames and lenses for your prescription glasses, it needs to be about you. At Modern Vision Solutions, you’ll discover a range of options we can tailor to your vision needs as well as your tastes in fashion.

Whether you need glasses designed for reading, driving, night vision, general day-to-day use, athletic performance or a specialized career, our eyeglasses specialists at Modern Vision Solutions have you covered.

Yes, we have many options. But no need to feel overwhelmed! Once we’ve completed your EyeAnalysis appointment, Dr. Anderson will meet with you to discuss which of our many specialized eyeglass lenses will best suit your vision and lifestyle. We can then work with you to determine the type and style of frame to suit your preferences.

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Contact Lens Fittings

Daily disposables, extended wear, gas permeable, toric, scleral… It can be hard to keep track of all the different types of contact lenses available, not to mention all the different brands.

For many, contact lenses are a good short-term solution to poor vision. That is, as long as the right type of contact lenses are being prescribed. As part of our VisionTrack EyeAnalysis exam, we conduct multiple scans on the size, shape and surface of your cornea (the outermost surface of the eye). This allows our Contact Lens Specialist to recommend the ideal contact lens for you.

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Performance Eyewear

At Modern Vision Solutions, we focus on helping each of our patients perform their best. For some, especially our younger patients, this means performance on the court, field or track.

Which is why our Modern Vision Solutions Performance Team offers a wide selection of customized Performance Eyewear designed for athletes of all ages who play a wide range of sports.

Whether you need prescription sports goggles, prescription sunglasses or even just rugged glasses that can take a beating, the Modern Vision Solutions Performance Team has you covered.

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Dry Eye Relief

Suffering from dry eye can significantly impact your daily life, from reading and driving to simply enjoying the outdoors. At Modern Vision Solutions, we understand the importance of finding effective relief.

That’s why we offer cutting-edge treatments like BlephEx®, LipiFlow®, and OptiLIGHT IPL, designed to target the root causes of dry eye and provide lasting relief.

With our dry eye exam, we personalize treatment plans to fit your unique needs, ensuring the most effective care. Say goodbye to dry eye discomfort and embrace a life of clear, comfortable vision.

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Vision Correction Treatment

Many of our patients are eager to switch from temporary glasses and contacts to a more permanent vision correction solution, like LASIK.

Prior to your EyeAnalysis exam, we will ask if you are interested to know your LASIK candidacy. If so, we will gather the additional data points necessary to determine if you qualify for LASIK or one of 6 other advanced FDA-approved vision correction procedures.

We include this as a courtesy to our patients. It will cost you nothing, but the knowledge you gain from it could open your eyes to a whole new opportunity of life with crisp, clear vision after LASIK.

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Live a Lifestyle Free from Visual Barriers

Modern Vision Solutions can help you achieve the freedom that clear vision can provide.

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