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Myopia Control Omaha

Helping Your Children Win Against the Near-Vision Epidemic

Screens, screens everywhere. In the entertainment centers of our homes, on our desks, in our backpacks and in our pockets.

Screens play a central role in our daily lives – they allow us to connect with friends and family, work, do school lessons, and be entertained. But for the many benefits screens afford us, they do have a drawback – the effect they have on our vision.

“Myopia” is the scientific term for nearsightedness. And due in part to screen use, along with other factors, Myopia is on the rise worldwide at an unprecedented rate.

In fact, here’s a TedTalk from local ophthalmologist Lance Kugler, MD, discussing the alarming rise of myopia.

Startling Facts About Myopia:

  • More than 4 out of 10 Americans ages 12-54 are now nearsighted.
  • Based on the current rise of myopia, half the world’s population will be myopic by the year 2050
  • A child with 1 nearsighted parent is 3 times as likely to develop nearsightedness, and that likelihood doubles if both parents are nearsighted.
  • Data shows those with myopia have double the risk of developing cataracts, retinal detachment or glaucoma.
  • Left to natural development, children who are nearsighted almost always become more nearsighted over time.

The good news: with proper tracking and management, we can actually slow the progression of myopia in children.

Myopia Control is the process by which we slow the development of myopia to reduce the ongoing development of nearsightedness.

Take our short (less than 2 minutes!) quiz to learn about your child’s risk for myopia, or if their nearsightedness could worsen.

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Myopia Control at Modern Vision Solutions

Our doctors understand the importance of managing and reducing the development of nearsightedness in our youth.

We’ve designed our EyeAnalysis exam in large part to serve our younger patients who need Myopia Control. Through a series of scans and data mapping, we’re able to see the progress of Myopia. Using this information, our Myopia Specialists can then prescribe vision correction solutions and environmental adjustments to lessen the development of Myopia. Myopia Control treatments may include specific types of contact lenses, supplements or even specialty eye drops.

Take our short (less than 2 minutes!) quiz to learn about your child’s risk for myopia, or if their nearsightedness could worsen.

Take Our Myopia Risk Assessment

What About Nearsighted Adults?

Many of our young patients “inherited” myopia from their nearsighted parents. (Thanks, Mother Nature!). We’re often asked, “What additional options does MVS offer for parents with myopia?”

Unfortunately, myopia cannot be reversed. But for adults with stable vision who are nearsighted, Modern LASIK or another advanced vision correction procedure offer a more permanent solution to myopia.

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Your First Step to Get Your Child’s Myopia Under Control

Book your EyeAnalysis appointment for your child. This will allow us to determine the progression of Myopia and what steps you can take to slow it down.

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