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Custom Iris Art

Custom Iris Art Now Avaialble in Omaha, Compliments of Modern Vision Solutions

Your eye is as unique as your fingerprint. So why not own a piece of art as unique as you are?

Modern Vision Solutions is pleased to introduce the Custom Iris Art Project, a stunning display that lies at the crossroads of art and science.

Modern Vision Solutions has introduced Custom Iris Art as one of many benefits included in our PrimeSight Membership Program. This comprehensive membership is designed to be the affordable vision care plan that provides maximum savings and VIP care without the hassles of traditional insurance. Membership includes an annual eye exam, savings on glasses and contacts, savings on designer sunglasses, savings on laser vision correction and more.

For patients who come in for their EyeAnalysis Eye Exam, the MVS team will use our leading-edge vision scanning technology to take the high-definition photo of your iris. Then our design team will turn it into a work of art you can display on your phone, social media, or even print and frame in your home.

Currently, Custom Iris Art is exclusively available as a complimentary service to MVS PrimeSight members only. PrimeSight membership starts at only $5 a month, and we offer family and individual plans.

The easiest way to enroll in PrimeSight (and secure your free Custom Iris Art) is to book an exam through our online scheduler. Our team will activate your PrimeSight membership when you arrive for your appointment at Modern Vision Solutions, and you’ll be all set for your exam and Custom Iris Art.

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Modern Vision Solutions can help you achieve the freedom that clear vision can provide.

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