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Optimize Your Eyes (At Any Stage of Life)

Your Eyes Change as a natural part of aging. Let’s talk about why that’s important.

At Modern Vision Solutions, we take a novel approach to vision care and vision correction. Today, the average person sees their eye doctor every year or two for a new prescription for glasses or contact lenses. They address the current prescription, without much thought to the lifetime vision needs of the patient. A very reactive, near-sighted approach indeed (pardon the pun).

At Modern Vision Solutions, we do things differently. Our proactive approach is simple: we learn from your past to address your needs in the present, while also planning for your future.

Meaning we start by taking into account your vision history and medical history. Then we prescribe the ideal solution to help you see better now and to set you up for vision success as you get wiser in years.

Because as our eyes age, they change. And our vision needs change along with them. Let’s take a closer look at the different stages of vision development.

How your eyes change over time

Proactive Planning for Young, Developing Eyes

Good eye health starts in the early years, as our children’s bodies are developing. It’s common for vision changes to happen rapidly during this stage. We want to monitor and track vision changes as our children grow because the knowledge we gain during these years can help us make smarter decisions for them in the future.

One area of particular focus at Modern Vision Solutions during this stage is Myopia Control. This addresses the nearsightedness epidemic caused in part by our frequent use of screens in our daily lives. Read more about our Myopia Control Program here.

We also use this stage to educate our younger patients on healthy eye care habits, including proper use of contacts, eye safety during sports, and more.

Stable Eyes = More Options

As we reach early adulthood, our eyes (like the rest of us) have grown and developed. They reach a point where vision has stabilized enough that individuals in this age group have more options to fix their bad vision. In addition to our wide range of contact lenses and designer frames, we can also discuss vision correction with patients who qualify for a procedure.

The type of vision correction procedure depends on the health of your eyes and your current prescription, but the overall target for any patient at this stage is to achieve complete independence from glasses or contacts.

More Difficult to “Zoom”

As we make our way through our 40s, we begin noticing a pressing need to use reading glasses or bifocals as near objects become blurry. This new need for readers is the first stage of a condition known as Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome (DLS).

While DLS is a normal part of aging, it’s certainly not a convenient one. Patients of Modern Vision Solutions are automatically enrolled in our VisionTrack™ program (link), which allows us to identify the development of DLS in its early stages. You will then receive a treatment plan to help reduce and in some cases eliminate the need for bifocals, progressive lenses or reading glasses.

In fact, with our Refractive Lens Exchange procedure, we can help DLS sufferers by correcting their glasses prescription, improving vision quality, and eliminating the need for cataract surgery in the future.

Early Stages of Cataracts

As we continue to get wiser in years, we begin noticing changes in the quality of vision. Objects are not as sharp as they once were. Colors, not as vibrant. This is caused by the hardening and yellowing of the eye’s natural lens, a condition commonly called a cataract.

None of us are immune from developing cataracts. They are a natural part of the aging process, and something we all face as we get older. And although the process of developing cataracts is slow and may go without notice for years, cataracts can severely impact quality of life as they worsen over time.

Many patients find themselves hesitant to drive (particularly at night), unable to read road signs, and even experience dangerous issues with depth perception. Not to mention the lifestyle impacts of cataracts – inability to read recipes, articles online or text messages, or participate in favorite hobbies.

While cataracts cannot be reversed, they can be treated through modern cataract surgery. In fact, not only are we able to eliminate the cataract and restore clear vision, we are able to perform vision correction at the same time. The result: Many cataract patients are able to reduce and in some cases eliminate the need for corrective eyewear for most daily activities.

For patients who fall in this age group, cataract screening and evaluation is part of our VisionTrack Program at every visit. Our goal: To detect cataracts early and present you with the appropriate options to eliminate them.

Your VisionTrack™ Personalized Eye Care Program

“You’ve mentioned VisionTrack. What is it?” Great question.

Think of it like a trusted financial planner who helps you build a plan for a life of financial security. With our VisionTrack program, we build a vision care track toward a life of crisp, clear vision. Our VisionTrack™ approach gives us the knowledge we need to help you achieve your best possible vision – not just now, but throughout your lifetime.

It starts with our advanced VisionTrack EyeAnalysis. Patients routinely tell us this “The most thorough eye exam” they’ve ever received.

Why is this important? Because your eyes are as unique as your fingerprint. During your EyeAnalysis assessment, we use a range of advanced diagnostic tools to assess your eye from front to back. We also learn more about you – your career, your hobbies, your goals.

We then use all this information to craft your customized VisionTrack plan. Regardless of your age or vision needs, you can trust the team at Modern Vision Solutions to put together a plan for a lifetime of crisp, clear vision.

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