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Introduction to Dr. Meagan Anderson and Modern Vision Solutions

Hi everyone! I’m Dr. Meagan Anderson and I am excited to introduce myself as an Optometrist at Modern Vision Solutions in Omaha, NE. Through an unparalleled experience, our team is eager to provide the most thorough and state of the art eye care experience there is.

I was born and raised in Omaha, NE which happens to be where I discovered a love for eye care in the first place. I am excited to be settled back in Omaha with my husband, our dog, Dash, and our first baby on the way!

I think it’s fitting that I introduce myself and tell you how I got here in the first place. Through a somewhat unconventional route after exploring several healthcare professions, it wasn’t until my last year at UNO that I shadowed an Optometrist and finally looked at an eye in the microscope. The magnified view of the eye amazed me and I knew I had found my future career.

Eventually, I landed a job as an ophthalmic technician at Kugler Vision, one of the top refractive surgery offices in the world. In less than a year, I learned so much about the eye and learned that eye care is much more than just glasses and contact lenses. The technology I had been exposed to was second to none, and I was amazed by the options that were offered to patients.

I finished my undergraduate degree at UNO and went on to receive my Doctorate of Optometry from the University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Optometry. While in St. Louis I worked for Brinton Vision, another top practice in refractive surgery. I also worked as a teaching assistant and tutor for Clinical Optometry courses, went on a service trip to Haiti to provide eye care, and ended my schooling with a rotation in Honolulu, HI on a rotation at Aloha Laser Vision which is a similar refractive surgery practice to Kugler Vision and Brinton Vision. As you can see, I maintained a passion for learning about refractive surgery and keeping up with all of the advancements in eye care.

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After graduation, I chose to further my education for one more year by pursuing an Optometry Residency, something most optometrists don’t do. I realized that I wanted to specialize and had special interests in refractive surgery, specialty contact lenses, and myopia management. When looking for available residencies, there were not many to choose from, but I ultimately ended up back in my hometown at none other than Kugler Vision. What a full circle moment!

While at Kugler Vision, I received extensive training in the comanagement of refractive surgery and was certified in specialty contact lenses and myopia management. During that time, we were also hard at work making the dream of Modern Vision Solutions become a reality.

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Modern Vision Solutions officially opened its doors to the public in October of 2022.  We are committed to providing high-quality vision care for adults and children in a way that you have likely never experienced. We have modernized every aspect of eye care including technology, education, options, and finances. As soon as you walk in the door, you will notice that we are different.

I like to think that we took all of the things you dread about the eye doctor and changed them. Our space is modern, bright, and upbeat. We do not perform the “air puff” test, dilation is not always required, and we offer same-day appointments with no waiting. If you are a good candidate for permanent vision correction options, we will educate you about those options. Our office is designed with cutting-edge technology to make your experience as efficient and comfortable as possible. With our state-of-the-art equipment we work hard to keep up with the latest innovations in eye care so that we can provide exceptional service for our patients. You will leave here knowing more about your eyes than ever!

We specialize in primary eye care, contact lens fittings, myopia management (slowing the progression of nearsightedness in children), and refractive surgery comanagement. We also offer a variety of eyeglass frames and lenses so that you can find the perfect pair of glasses that fits your style and budget. Our mission is to help patients achieve the freedom that clear vision can provide. We do this by bringing together the best of all modern approaches to eyecare.

At Modern Vision Solutions, we believe in providing quality eye care on an individual basis while creating long-lasting relationships with each of our patients. Whether you’re looking for a new glasses prescription or would like to learn about other options, come by our office today so that together we can discover a solution tailored specifically for you! Thank you for choosing us here at Modern Vision Solutions in Omaha – I look forward to seeing you soon!

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